Welcome to the Kilpeck Pantomime Society website!

It all started 16 years ago when Kilpeck Village Hall Committee decided to put on a Pantomime at Christmas to raise mush needed funds. Needless to say the show was a huge success playing to a sell out audience on two nights. The decision was taken to repeat the exercise the following year and as a result Kilpeck Pantomime Society was formed.

We now put on 4 performances every December and continue to play to sell out audiences. Last year over 70 people were involved in putting the show on – both on and off stage.  7 year olds in the first production are still with us, now playing lead roles. We also have numerous families with 2 or more generations  involved, it really is a full community activity.

We never take ourselves too seriously and the biggest laughs are always reserved for the inevitable  ‘cock ups’ – we like to think that our shows are family friendly , you’ve only got to attend our special  Saturday matinée to see that children’s humour and innocence never changes –it is still one of the biggest buzzes  we get to see the little ones so engrossed in the story .

The scripts are written locally and therefore include topical references to local people and events – always a crowd pleaser!!

The show has become a local annual tradition and is timed to run two weeks before Christmas, the whole community look forward to our show and between us we have been able to raise over £12,000 for local good causes in addition to enhancing the Village Hall with new seating, portable stage extensions, permanent lighting and audio decks and even a steel container for our ever growing range of props and stage sets.

Within these pages you will find contact details for our box office, if you and your family want a good night out to launch the festive season then please book your tickets and come along, prices haven’t changed in 14 years; £4 for adults and £2 for children still at school – but check the box office dates because tickets sell out very quickly.


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