The Language of Kilpeckia

at Kilpeck Panto, the cast have a few words and phrases for things that can be utter nonsense to anyone else! here’s a few examples….

KIPAs: Panto awards evening, stands for Kilpeck Panto Awards

Kilpeckia Curse: someone ‘catches’ this if they are off rehearsals for a long time

Panto blues: the horrible feeling the cast get in the weeks following the performances

Diva: a stroppy cast member, (there have been quite a few of these this year!)

The bush: an infamous prop that has its place in every Panto

Coat hanger: practical joke where a clothes hanger is hung on someone’s back before they go on stage


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  1. kilpeckhall

    Reblogged this on Kilpeck Village News and commented:

    Some secrets from the Kilpeck Pantomime cast – sshhhh – don’t tell anyone…!

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