The KIPA awards – a night of a thousand stars…!

Yes due to a moon free sky there were certainly lots of stars out last night – meanwhile the Kilpeck Pantomime Society got together in Kilpeck Village Hall for their annual awards ceremony!

We may not have been met by the paparazzi when we were arrived but the exquisite attention to detail by organisers Ella Mae Sibley and Nick Thompson, made each and every one of us feel like a Hollywood starlet for one night.  The hall was beautifully decorated and even included a Kilpeck Walk of Fame with a row of stars depicting the pantomime productions over the last 15 years.

The evening started with a delicious meal – a combined effort from the cast who each brought along a hot or cold dish of food.  Then began the first round of awards – a certificate for every member of the cats to celebrate their particular skill – ranging from Jayne’s ‘Most popular trip up a stage after attempting to moonwalk in the finale’ to Sue’s ‘Best finger action’ in a pantomime production.

After pudding (and yes I know I wasn’t the only one who managed to try a bit of all of the 6 offerings in one go), we settle down to the 5 awards decided by public vote.  Yes – we even had our own piece of The X-Factor with the cast each voting for their favourite candidate for each of the following award categories:

Funniest mistake – winner Dave Thompson for accidentally swearing during the matinée.  Fortunately the kids were making so much noise only the cast heard him but the blood did drain out of the prompts face for a couple of minutes and the Director had to be sedated in the interval.

Best Vocal Performance – Awarded to the talented Jo Parry for her version of Money, Money, Money.

Best Actress – Deservedly won by Melanie Morgan for her excellent performance as Scrooge’s long suffering nephew Fred.

Best Actor – Won by Nick Thompson for his portrayal of the miserly Scrooge.  So convincing half the children in the audience were terrified of him!

Outstanding contribution – Richard Thompson the shows writer and producer quite rightly won this final award.

The speeches were a short modest affair – nobody thanked their agent, gave it ‘110%’ or dedicated the award to their sick Nan.

So all in all it was fantastic evening.  We all really enjoyed ourselves and give our thanks to Nick and Ella for organising the event, and our gratitude to Sue and Richard who make the pantomime a reality every year.  Here’s to Sleeping Beauty in December!

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2 responses to “The KIPA awards – a night of a thousand stars…!

  1. Looked like a superb evening. Fortunately Sasha Baron Cohen didn’t turn up with his ‘minders’ and his little ern. Congratulations to all the worthy winners and hope no speeches were cut off in their prime to make sure the ad break was on time.

  2. kilpeckhall

    It was a very sedate affair – we didn’t even have any tears!

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