A Christmas Carol – a great success!

So it’s all over for another year and what fun we had! With a break from the usual tradition of a traditional pantomime, this year we performed Richard Thompson’s version of A Christmas Carol.  As ever it was full of daft characters and silly jokes and with packed audiences for ever show it seemed to go down well with our loyal followers.  The matinée was particularly popular, selling out in under 7 days – surely a record!

Highlights include Writer and Director, Richard Thompson’s cameo as George Osbourne, The ‘Big Banker’, the guest appearance of The Spice Girls (I swear I will never see my neighbour Dave in the same light again), Sue Thompson’s appearance as the Grim Reaper (having earnt  the affectionate nickname of ‘Grim’ from now on) and the children’s improvised dancing in the finale!

Next year’s show will be Sleeping Beauty and I can reveal that Richard is already developing the characters and plot as we speak.  However, please be assured, to offset any carbon imbalance all jokes will be recycled from previous shows.

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