This is why our pantomime is so special – it’s a genuine community effort!

Kilpeck Pantomime is so much more than 4 performances once a year. It’s about bringing the community together and remembering the better things about life (which is essential with the way things are at the moment).

Delicious looking cardboard cake made for banquet scene by local resident!

As well as the performers, there are many unsung heroes – such as the people sorting out the costumes – a truly thankless task trying to please everybody and a nightmare having to sort through boxes of clothing every year, or the volunteers who help back stage or manage the lighting and the music.

Handmade and donated by a resident in neighbouring village of Wormbridge

Then we have the people running the box office, making the mulled wine for the interval and collecting the tickets on the door, oh   and I mustn’t forget the volunteers who serve the tea and coffees and wash up after every performance. Even the community rally round and bake mince pies for the intervals or donate prizes for the 4 raffles held in each interval.

Finally the hardest working of the lot is Sue and Richard who write and produce every performance. This is whilst holding down fulltime jobs so it’s no mean feat!

So you can see it truly is a community affair and that’s why we are so lucky to have this annual event in our wonderful village. I do hope you will come along and join us for one or more of the performances and that you have a wonderful time soaking up the festive community spirit!



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2 responses to “This is why our pantomime is so special – it’s a genuine community effort!

  1. Oh, no it isn’t!
    Oh yes it is!

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