Teaching the cast a dance routine is about as easy as teaching a shortsighted kitten to crochet a tea cosy

Yep – we’re a talented lot in the Kilpeck Pantomime society when it comes to dancing.  The younger members of the cast are generally very good at picking up and interpreting dance routines.  It’s us ‘over 40’s’ that need all the help we can get!

So pity poor Jo (Parry) and Gareth who last night were trying to teach us a new routine for the finale song.  With cries of “I can’t do that – I’ll never get up again” and  “Which way am I supposed to turn?” it was a long rehearsal but despite the creaking joints and general bewilderment there were lots of laughs and the initial signs are promising.  If (or should I say ‘when’) we master it, it will be fantastic end to the show, so well done to Jo and Gareth for the choreography and don’t despair – we’ll get there eventually!


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