Kilpeck Pantomime – the latest news….

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Rehearsals still going well for this years pantomime (A Christmas Carol) although a lot of the cast were missing tonight. Vee and Jayne tested out their wigs for the scene when they imitate a famous girls group. Jayne’s wig looks and feels like a matted carpet so caused a lot of laughter when she put it on. Jayne also did her Mrs Overall Impression which I’ve had to include as part of the photo gallery…(sorry Jayne).

On Monday the cast will be rehearsing the songs for the first time. We don’t have a pianist, so all the songs are taped and the cast sing along – although I struggle to use the word ‘sing’!

Meanwhile, Jo is busying making props. The majority of the props are made out of papier-mache and from September to December her potting shed is full of weird lumpy objects of varying sizes. This year has a banquet scene which is always a lot of fun to create as she can really use her imagination and make lots of colourful plates of food.

Overall we are having a lot of fun this year and I think the audience will really enjoy the show.


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